A downloadable crosshairs

This is a free asset that can be used in non-commercial and commercial purpose. You may copy, modify or share this asset as you see fit, however you may not credit yourself as the creator of this asset or modify the asset for the purpose of distribution. It will be cool if you credit me but it’s not mandatory.

The package contains 42 crosshairs and 2 sniper scopes.

Have fun :D


Crosshairs.zip 123 kB
CrosshairsPack.unitypackage 217 kB


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Nice crosshairs! I used these to replace the mouse for my game in the Godot Wild Jam. The sprite looks really professional and well made!

Here's the game. I hope I used your graphics properly :)


I tried your game and it's just amazing. The mechanics for the kills are juicy (I like the grapple kills). You really made something great.
If you expand your game you can create something fantasic.
Thank you for your feedback.

Could you please make a white version of them since in most games they are white?

Yes of course. You can download the new sprites again.